Devotional Readings for January 21 – January 27

Mount Vernon Church of the Nazarene   -  

Sunday – Genesis 43

Monday – Genesis 44

Tuesday – Philippians 4

Wednesday – Psalm 34

Thursday – Psalm 35

Friday – Luke 15

Saturday – Luke 16


Sometimes our circumstances seem to make no sense.  We consider the issues in which we sit, and we wonder how God could bring anything good out of our struggle, pain and confusion.  But then, when things seem to be at their bleakest, He comes through with deliverance.  In that deliverance, we can sometimes see a glimpse of what God is accomplishing through it all.

Sometimes the deliverance does not look at all like what we were expecting.  Sometimes we can’t even recognize the deliverance at all!  In some cases, we might be able to look back and to see the hands of God at work, and sometimes we will not understand His motives and methods until heaven.

We can see some of these issues clearly in this week’s readings.  The things to note in these readings is not so much the circumstances of the individual people, or even the way those circumstances play out, but rather the incredible faithfulness of God despite the circumstances, and the responses of the faithful people who trust in Him.  Will you be one who trusts Him today?