Daily Devotional Readings for February 11 – February 17

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Sunday – Genesis 49

Monday – Genesis 50

Tuesday – Philippians 3

Wednesday – Psalm 40

Thursday – Psalm 41

Friday – Luke 21

Saturday – Luke 22
In the reading you do this week, you might feel like the Bible is telling us – through metaphor, history and instruction – that something is coming.  Perhaps you will gain the idea, through the reading of the beginning of the nation of Israel, trapped in Egypt, and through the information Jesus shared in the temple, and through the message of the Psalms which look for the impending salvation of God, and even through Philippians 3 which commands us to reach forward to the goal, that there is more going on that just what we see in our present set of circumstances.

This is incredibly true.  God is on the move, and great things are happening.  While we cannot possibly understand all that God is doing in, through and for us all, we can prepare our hearts by being fully submitting to Him in all things, surrendered and ready for whatever He might do and wherever He might lead.  This is your task as you read this week: surrender all that you are to Him and His perfect plan!