Week of February 25, 2024 Devotional Readings

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February 25 – March 2


Sunday – Exodus 1

Monday – Exodus 2

Tuesday – Philippians 4

Wednesday – Psalm 42

Thursday – Psalm 43

Friday – Luke 23

Saturday – Luke 24


When we last read about the family of Abraham, they were down in Egypt trying to survive a famine.  We meet up with them again, 430 years later, and things have gone from mildly hopeful to desperate.  They find themselves trapped in slavery – a nation of slaves with generations of slavery deep in their cultural conscience.  At the beginning of Exodus, things could not get less hopeful.

As we approach Luke 23, we find a similar feeling.  Where we once had great hope and joy in Jesus, chapter 23 find Him arrested, on trial, mocked, beaten, and killed.  Hope seems as gone for us as it was for the Israelites in Egypt.

Expect that God hears, knows, and has plans.  He rescued the family of Abraham, the Israelites, and gave them a homeland and a future.  He resurrected Christ from the dead to be glorious and victorious.  Now we have a hope and a future.

We do not need to be dejected or downcast.  We can put our hope in God, who saves and redeems us.