Daily Devotional Readings for week of March 10 – 16

Mvnaz   -  

March 10-16


Sunday – Exodus 5

Monday – Exodus 6

Tuesday – Psalm 46

Wednesday – Psalm 47

Thursday – Matthew 24

Friday – Matthew 25

Saturday – Matthew 26


As we work our way through this month – the month which contains our annual remembrance of Jesus death and resurrection, we will work our way through reading the accounts of Holy Week, the final week of His earthly, human life.  We have just finished reading that account in Luke, so we will begin with Matthew, then Mark, then John.

Often these words are familiar to us.  Take time in your reading, and allow yourself to read slowly and to pick up details or emotions you might have missed in the past.  Ask God to reveal to you, by His Spirit, the truths of the work and sacrifice of Christ.