Daily Devotional Readings for April 14-20

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April 14 – April 20


Sunday – Exodus 15

Monday – Exodus 16

Tuesday – Colossians 3

Wednesday – Psalm 48

Thursday – Psalm 49

Friday – John 5

Saturday – John 6


We tend to be fickle people.  Just after singing songs of deliverance, thanking and praising God for deliverance from the Egyptian army, the people of Israel decided that God did not care about them and was trying to kill them in the desert.  Just after singing songs of His provision in the psalms, we need to be reminded to not be providing for ourselves. And John has recorded how one man sat in the presence of God and argued with Him about his own needs.  This story is followed up with great provision from God in Christ to meet the needs of many, which leads the people for whom He has provided to argue with Him about the value of the provision.

Today, try simply thanking God for who He is and what He has done for you.  Don’t argue or complain and ask for more.  Simply thank Him.  He is trustworthy, He is reliable, and He cares for you.