Daily Devotional Readings for April 21 to April 27

Mvnaz   -  

April 21 – April 27

Sunday – Exodus 17

Monday – Exodus 18

Tuesday – Colossians 4

Wednesday – Psalm 50

Thursday – Psalm 51

Friday – John 7

Saturday – John 8

One of the things we learn quickly about life is that we cannot be successful and fulfilled entirely on our own. Humans were designed as social creatures; we are people who were made to live with other people. We are also people who were designed to live in constant communion with and dependency on our Creator. In this week’s readings, you’ll encounter people who have decided that they don’t need to be dependent on others, and especially not on God. However, as you’ll see and hear, we all eventually find ourselves returning to Him in need, and to others to lead us back to Him. Will you be close to God and close with others this week?