Daily Devotional Readings for April 28 through May 4

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April 28 – May 4


Sunday – Exodus 19

Monday – Exodus 20

Tuesday – Colossians 1

Wednesday – Psalm 52

Thursday – Psalm 53

Friday – John 9

Saturday – John 10


Do you consider yourself to be someone under authority?  Do you believe that someone is in charge of you and has expectations of you, or do you consider yourself to be a person who is free and who can act in complete liberty?  As Americans, if becomes quite easy for us to consider ourselves free, living in liberty.  I’m sure you know of teenagers who think that they have perfect autonomy from everyone, and the only expectations of them that matter are their own.  How does that work out?

As you read through this week’s chapters, you will begin to get a picture of authority – authority that is God’s and His alone.  We are under His authority.  When we rebel against His authority, we find ourselves on the wrong side of the court of all eternity!  However – and here is the amazing thing – when we submit to his authority, we find complete freedom!  Not autonomy, but liberty!

Will you live in His liberty today?