Daily Devotional Readings for April 7 – 13

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April 7 – April 13


Sunday – Exodus 13

Monday – Exodus 14

Tuesday – Colossians 2

Wednesday – Psalm 46

Thursday – Psalm 47

Friday – John 3

Saturday – John 4


The thing that God has called us to do is to take Him at his Word.  We are to hear and believe, and when called to act (or not act), we are to obey.  When we are in His Word, we are safe and cared for beyond our wildest imagination – even when our circumstances want to convince us otherwise!  This week you’ll read about dwelling in a state of communion and trust with Him, especially when all that we know of the world tells us to do otherwise.  You’ll hear Him tell of His deliverance, and you’ll hear the praises of His people.  Won’t you join in surrendering yourself to Him, today?