Daily Devotional Readings for May 12 through May 18

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May 12 – May 18


Sunday – Exodus 23

Monday – Exodus 24

Tuesday – Colossians 3

Wednesday – Psalm 56

Thursday – Psalm 57

Friday – John 13

Saturday – John 14


As we read this week, we will be reminded of God’s great concern for His people.  He called His people into a covenant relationship with Him, where He could be their protector and provider and caretaker, while being their God and King.  He established order and security in our homes and lives.  He responds when we call to Him for help.  And He has humbled Himself to be our Suffering Servant.  There is no one who cares for you more than your God, and there is no one who has done and is doing more for you than your God.  Won’t you take some time in private worship this week, to let Him know how much you appreciate His ongoing care, provision and protection for you?