22 Days of Prayer

Day 11: Choose three teenagers that you know.  Pray that they develop a genuine faith of their own that becomes the driving factor in their lives.  Pray that their faith positively affects others around them.

Join with us January 10 - January 31 for 22 days of focused prayer!

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A Letter From Pastor Troy about the 22 Days of Prayer:

It was in the middle of 2018 when we, as a church, committed to be a church who prays.  We determined that we desired a deeper, better, more intimate and more productive relationship with our Father, and we also determined that we wanted to be known in our community as a church who could be counted on to be praying.


It was this preparation in prayer which strengthened us to endure a couple of very difficult years.  We have lost people we loved dearly, and still feel the sting of their absence and rest in the hope of their salvation.  In prayer, we struggled through tough decisions and way too many Zoom meetings as we have found ways to deal with the COVID-19 fallout.  Through prayer, we have learned all new ways of managing technology to reach out to our church, our community, and people around the world.  In prayer, many within the church have worked tirelessly and continuously to keep this group together, and to keep people looking toward Christ.


It was the preparation in prayer which enabled us to do some truly great things: to not only give more to domestic and international missions than we ever have before, but also to become more financially solvent in the process; to complete our church’s very first international Work and Witness trip in February 2020; to reach people in our community and around the world who had never before heard the message of the Gospel, and much more. 


As we begin 2022, we look with anticipation and hope for better days ahead.  We know, though, the road may not become smoother, and the horizon may not become clearer.  God has called on us to be prepared in season and out of season to seek Him and to rest in Him as His beloved children, and to present His love and grace to people in need of His touch.  This great calling requires that we once again recommit ourselves in prayer.


To that end, let’s take 22 days in January to be in prayer for all that we will face in 2022.  Beginning January 10, I’ll send out to you a suggested prayer focus for the day.  I’ll continue this right through January 31 – for 22 days.  Commit now to take at least a few moments each day to call on your Father – presenting yourself to Him, submitting to Him, worshipping Him, and knowing Him.  Use the prayer focus each day to guide you into making special requests of Him for your own spiritual health and growth, for your family, for the church and for the community.  Commit to it now and follow through – it just might change your life!


Know that I am praying for you, and am looking forward to what God has planned for us in the year ahead.