Devotional Readings for March 23-28


Monday –          John 6:1-15 & Psalm 89:1-2

Tuesday –          John 6:16-27 & Psalm 97:1, 11-12

Wednesday –   John 6:28-40 & Psalm 101:1-3

Thursday –       John 6:41-51 & Psalm 119:124-125, 135

Friday –            John 6:52-59 & Psalm 102:1-2

Saturday –       John 6:60-71 & Psalm 108:1-3a, 5


This week’s readings begin to set the stage for Easter.  In order for Easter to be something more than a day in history we must understand the significance of who Jesus was and is and what His death means for us.  In this chapter of John that we will be reading, Jesus explains this for us. 


As you read these portions of scripture and spend time in prayer, clear away any thoughts of what is going on in your life or in our world, and simply focus on who HE is.  God gave so much for us to be able to have a relationship with Him and yet we take it for granted that we need to reflect and contemplate His sacrifice.  It is immense!  And quite frankly, our minds cannot comprehend it all, yet as we spend time in His presence we find ourselves understanding our great need for more of Him. 


While you are in His presence without distractions, thank Him for who He is; His majesty, His control, His love, His faithfulness, etc.  Then thank Him for His great sacrifice; the cost He paid, the scars that His Son, Jesus, still has for you, the great gift of love displayed, etc.  Finally, ask Him to show you anything in your life that is not pleasing to Him; an attitude, an activity you enjoy, a person you need to forgive, something He has asked you to do that you haven’t done, etc.  He is so loving that He will forgive you if you ask and He will guide you.


Then as you go about your day, look for Him.  Acknowledge where He is working and what He is doing.  You will be amazed at what you will see!