Devotional Readings for June 1 - June 6

Monday –  Isaiah 55 & Isaiah 59:21

Tuesday –    Ezekiel 36:24-27 & Joel 2:28-32

Wednesday –  Acts 1:1-11

Thursday –  Acts 2:1 - 24

Friday –  Acts 2:25-47

Saturday –  Acts 4:23-31

Pentecost Sunday was a tremendous day!  We heard again about how the Lord sent His Holy Spirit to dwell within us!  We were able to celebrate that gift and declare that we, too, desire to have the Holy Spirit dwell within us!


The readings above all point us to the infilling of the Holy Spirit.  We have heard and celebrated, but have we spent the time in anticipation and preparation to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.  Do we desire the Holy Spirit enough to spend time in prayer?  Do we desire the Holy Spirit enough to cast off the trappings of this world?  Do we desire the Holy Spirit that we are willing to come together in unity with our fellow believers to seek the Lord?


This week as you spend time in His presence, ask Him to reveal to you if there are things in your life that you need to cast off.  Each of us have things that can creep into our lives that we don’t even notice until we take time to really search our hearts, with the help of the Lord.  If He points out something to you, thank Him for His faithfulness and then confess it and accept His grace and love once again. 


Even if there is nothing in your life that He points out to you, take time to seek Him.  Ask Him for a new filling of His Holy Spirit.  As Dr. Rob pointed out, that in order for us to have the ‘and suddenlies’ in our life we must ‘and continually’.  That simply means that we must continually be seeking God asking Him for more of His Spirit to fill us.  If we truly hunger after Him, anticipating His filling He will provide the ‘and suddenlies’ in our life!


Finish your time each day by praising Him for His goodness and love!  He is so good and we often take it for granted, so praise Him today!!

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