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Bible Reading Plan
June 4 - June 10

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Sunday –             Isaiah 7:1-7

Monday –           Matthew 4:12-25

Tuesday –            Matthew 5:1-16

Wednesday –     Psalm 37:1-20

Thursday –          Psalm 37:21-40

Friday –               Matthew 5:17-26

Saturday -           Matthew 5:27-48

As we go through the summer season, we will be taking a deeper look at the Word of God in our daily readings.  We will read through some specific books and sections of scripture, always with the goal of not simply taking in the Word, but of understanding and applying it to our lives today.  We will seek to answer each day and for each section the matters of Observation, Contribution and Application, as we discussed on Wednesday evening, May 17, 2023.

As you read, consider the following:


  • Context

    • What is the background to this book?

  • Observation

    • What does it simply say?

  • Words

    • What does it actually say?

      • Looking for author’s intent

    • Look at

      • Different translations

      • Original language

      • Cross References

      • Commentary from trusted teachers


  • Consider why this book or writing was placed in scripture for us

    • What does it contribute

      • To the context

      • To the overall text of the letter

      • To the discussion

      • To the entirety of the Biblical story


  • Consider why the Holy Spirit kept this portion of Scripture for us

  • Look for a story or illustration

  • Look through the Cross

  • Look for Jesus on every page

    • Consider something He said or did leading to these words


For help, consider accessing Blue Letter Bible.  Here you will find tools such as commentaries, original language breakdowns, and cross references.  As always, don’t hesitate to enlist the help of your pastor of other trusted teachers and leaders.

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