Devotional Readings for October 26 - October 31

Monday - Matthew 21:33-45

Tuesday - Matthew 24:45-51

Wednesday - Matthew 25:14-30

Thursday - Luke 19:11-27

Friday - Mark 13:34-37

Saturday - Matthew 15:10-20

This week we will read parables told by Jesus.  Jesus used parables for the people to be able to relate to what He was telling them.  The parable about the seeds and which type of soil they landed in was something that the people of that day could understand; so Jesus used these types of stories so that the people would grasp what He was saying. 

As you read through these parables this week, ask the Lord to show you something new.  Ask Him to check your heart and life.  Then take a few minutes to thank Him for being concerned about you and for using stories to help you understand the truths of His love, His grace, and His Kingdom.

Sunday Service -             10:00 am

Discipleship Hour -           11:25 am

Spanish Sunday Service - 1:00 pm

Sunday Evening Prayer - 5:00 pm

Wednesday Bible Class - 6:30 pm

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