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Bible Reading Plan
September 17 - September 23

Praying Man Bible.jpg

Sunday – Genesis 6

Monday – Genesis 7

Tuesday – Ephesians 1:15-23

Wednesday – Psalm 6

Thursday – Psalm 7

Friday – Mark 5

Saturday – Mark 6

This week we continue in our reading through the Word by entering into the Genesis account of Noah.  There are some rough passages to understand in this section, and some very deep meanings that we generally pass right by, which are hidden in plain sight in the text.  Here is the essence of what we really need to grasp:

  • Humanity had become deeply poisoned, and was slowly and painfully dying.

  • God came to the rescue of all creation through judgement and grace, saving those upon whom He had grace, and who responded to Him.

Throughout this account we experience a picture of not only judgement, but of salvation and sanctification for those who take Him at His Word.

We will end the week in Mark 5 and 6, a scriptural portion which some have called: “The hardest day in the ministry of Jesus.”  The section begins with Jesus being rejected by those He knew and loved best, the people of His own hometown.  After this He gets news of the beheading of John the Baptist, His cousin and the one person on earth with a reasonable understanding of who He was and of what He was to be accomplishing.  In trying to get a moment to deal with these blows, He attempts a retreat into the wilderness with His closest followers, only to be accosted by a crowd of thousands, all wanting His attention.  He willingly serves each one, draining His emotional reserves to the point that He desires to spend the night away, by Himself, in prayer and in rest.  Deep into the night, He sees His disciples out on the lake of Galilee, straining to navigate their boat through an intense storm.  Rather than simply watch them, He walks out to them on the lake; but rather than simply trusting His voice and His words, His own disciples are more connected to their fear than to the Miraculous One who has called to them. 

The following sunrise brings refreshment.  The disciples land with Jesus on the shore of Gennesaret, where He had once cast a legion of demons from one tortured soul, only to be greeted by people excited to see Him and receive ministry from Him.  In grace, He meets every need.

Throughout these entire accounts, we see the incredible grace and immense patience of God in Christ, who is willing that none should perish, but calls all to repentance in love. Will you see His tremendous grace and compassion through our reading this week?

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