Bible Reading Plan
September 25 - October 1

Praying Man Bible.jpg

Sunday – Ecclesiastes 12

Monday – Song of Songs 1

Tuesday – 1 Corinthians 16

Wednesday – Ezra 7

Thursday – Ezra 8

Friday – Luke 15

Saturday – Luke 16

This week begins with the conclusion of Ecclesiastes.  This is a most interesting book and it has been enthralling to read through it.  The claims of the Teacher – that there is nothing new “under the sun” - and that life with eternal purpose is essentially meaningless regardless of wealth or poverty, fame, capability, intelligence or ignorance still hold true centuries after he wrote.  Although we have witnesses myriad changes in society and technology, humanity has not changed.  Without the hope of redemption from God and new, eternal life, this temporal life is meaningless and empty; the best one can hope for is to be satisfied within himself.  The Teacher’s conclusion to the matter is that all that is of true importance is found in our reverence for and relationship with God. Thankfully, we have perspective which include the new life Christ has made for us, and we can rest in being the adopted children of God, and yet the basic conclusion remains: all that genuinely matters in this life is rooted in our relationship with God our Father.


On Tuesday, we will begin another book accredited to King Solomon.  The Song of Songs is a love song which we believe was written to be sung at the wedding of the king or his son, the prince.  It is written in a genre which we might best equate with medieval plays: a series of lines are offered by one of the main characters of the song, and then other characters answer what was said.  The song starts with lines from “Beloved,” which is the name of the bride in the song.  Other characters include “friends,” and “Lover;” “Lover” is the groom or husband on the song.  Throughout the centuries, much has been discussed and argued about this song.  Some have felt that the song is best viewed as a picture of the relationship between Christ and the church.  Some have felt that the song ought not be collected in the pages of scriptures, due to its clear and nearly explicit nature of explaining the love between husband and wife.  However you might choose to consider it, the Song of Songs is a beautiful piece of Hebrew literature which God has guarded and kept for us, and which can be taken at face value.  Enjoy reading about the connection God has made available to those who will submit their marriages to Him.


In Ezra, we will see Ezra show up on the scene.  Ezra was a priest and scribe who understood the Law of God and who was adept at teaching.  The king over the Persian empire conscripted Ezra to go to Jerusalem and to teach the people how they were to worship the Jewish God.  You will enjoy reading about the challenges the people faced during this time, and about the amazing, miraculous and ongoing deliverance of God.


Luke 15 and 16 are filled with parables told by Jesus which do a great job of painting the picture of the theme of this week’s readings: when we seek God first and put Him and His call first in our lives, He puts us to work, watching over every detail, and offering more fulfillment in life than we could ever think to desire on our own.   Without Him, life turns out to be meaningless, regardless of success or failure.  With Him, we are found, healed, loved, and fulfilled. Take the time to read slowly and to soak in what God has for us this week.