Bible Reading Plan
May 22 - 28

Praying Man Bible.jpg

Sunday – Proverbs 6

Monday – Proverbs 7

Tuesday – 1 Corinthians 5

Wednesday – 2 Chronicles 7

Thursday – 2 Chronicles 8

Friday – Matthew 23

Saturday – Matthew 24

As we begin this week again in Proverbs, we continue reading the warnings of a wise father to his son.  He is offering warnings to keep his son from becoming entangled in the things of this world.  The things that would be most deceiving to a young man are discussed: finances, friends, inactivity and improper sexual allurement.  The father carefully and fully warns the son to avoid each of these pitfalls.


1 Corinthians 5 is the record of Paul dealing with a church – and discussing a particular man in the church - who had not heeded these warnings and was now facing trouble as a result.  In fact, we will see many of these topics discussed in the coming chapters.  The warnings of Proverbs are valuable for all of us, and if followed, may save us from a lifetime of heartbreak.


2 Chronicles 7-8 continue the story of the first Temple and its dedication.  Chapter 7 contains the LORD’s response to Solomon, and chapter 8 show the ceremonies of dedication for the Temple.  The very end of chapter 8 is a bit of a turning point, however: Solomon has shown great dedication to the things of the LORD’s kingdom throughout these preceding chapters, but then we also see the beginning of a propensity to desire to build his own kingdom, as well.  Subsequent chapters will demonstrate how this mixed focus worked out for the richest man who lived.


Matthew 23 and 24 continue Jesus’ teachings during His final week in Jerusalem before His crucifixion. Chapter 23 ends His public teaching with a scathing rebuke of the religious leadership which had separated men from God, and then His broken heart over the people’s rejection of God.  Chapter 24 begins Jesus’ teaching for His disciples regarding the end of the ages.  We will conclude reading His teaching next week with Matthew 25.  Note that He warns much as the father in Proverbs: stay focused on the things of the Kingdom of God and avoid even dabbling in the things of this world, as the things of the world lead to destruction and heartbreak, while the things of His Kingdom lead to eternity.  May we follow these warnings this week and remain focused on the Kingdom of our God.