Devotional Readings for August 9 - August 15

Monday –  Jonah 1

Tuesday - Jonah 2

Wednesday –   Jonah 3

Thursday –   Jonah 4

Friday –   Acts 8:26-40

Saturday –   Acts 9:1-25

This week’s readings are focused on the conversion of three individuals.  We begin our week journeying with Jonah and end our week witnessing the story of Paul’s conversion.


As you spend time in prayer and reading of the Word of God take time to reflect upon what God has done in your own life.  It is easy to take for granted our salvation and to forget just how far God has brought us.  Allow yourself to remember what your life was like before you had the gift of salvation and the Holy Spirit.  Make sure that you thank Him again for His provision for you to have a relationship with Him.  Express your gratitude, your love and your thankfulness to Him. 


This week spend a few extra moments worshiping Him.  This may be simply to sit in His presence and declare His characteristics, or you might feel led to sing a song of worship and praise. 

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